Doctors of chiropractic are interested in finding and correcting the root cause of your issues, instead of masking the symptoms.

3 phases of Chiropractic

Acute / Intensive Care

More frequent visits are required to change existing patterns of subluxation and reduce your pain.

Healing / Corrective Care

Frequency of visits reduces as spinal function improves, nervous system interference lessens and pain is eliminated.

Wellness / Maintenance Care

Periodic adjustments help to maintain your progress and keep you functioning at an optimal level.

What to expect on your first visit

Health History

This important step helps your chiropractor collect information on your current concerns, as well as past health issues. Generally, your health history will consist of intake forms to be filled out, followed by a verbal consultation with your chiropractor. It is important to disclose all pertinent health information and answer all questions to the best of your ability, since this information will aid your chiropractor in determining how they can best help you. Since chiropractors understand the importance of a wellness and prevention approach to health, they may ask you questions about your lifestyle and environment in addition to the details of any presenting concerns.

Physical Examination

Your chiropractor may use various physical tests to help determine the nature of your condition and status of your nervous system function, including range of motion testing, orthopaedic testing, neurological testing, x-rays, palpation of your spine anwd associated structures, postural observations, gait analysis and computerized scan technologies.

Report of Findings

Following your history and examination, your chiropractor will be able to inform you of their findings with regards to your presenting concern, your nervous system function and anything else discovered during the exam.

Plan of Management

Your chiropractor will advise you on how to best utilize chiropractic care to achieve your goals, in addition to any other initial lifestyle recommendations.

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