Testimonials - Dickson Chiropractic


Dr. Scott listens to everything that is going on and treats patients as a whole, not just focused on spinal issues. He really cares about making you feel better.

Melanie Livengood

Dr Scott and his staff have gotten me up rite again. I personally want trust anyone else for chiropractic care. I was impressed when came in with back problems and instead just guessing and start cracking my spine he did x rays and showed me the problem. Trust me if your having back trouble go see Dr Scott.

Andy Mcelheny

I went to Dr Scott last year and was very pleased with the results so I made sure my husband went to him. He has been in construction for the past 35 years and because he’s an old man he had a lot of problems. When he stood up he looked like a question mark. Since he’s been seeing Dr Scott he has improved and has been helped tremendously. Would definitely recommend Dr Scott. Plus everyone he has working there are fantastic.

Carmen Almeida Holland

No negative complaints. But do have to go back this evening, I’m truely hoping he can help my pain issue . He is very nice and understanding and knowledgeable on how the body works and what causes the pain issues

Raina Michelle Lang