Testimonials - Dickson Chiropractic


I’ve suffered with a chronic cough for 5 ½ years and have been to numerous specialists with no results. I was coughing so hard I would often feel light headed and feeling like I was going to pass out. After only a month of care with Dr. Scott, my cough has lessened in frequency and severity. I no longer have issues with light headedness or feelings of passing out making me less worried about driving.

In my opinion, everyone needs to see a chiropractor. I’m feeling so much better and have actually lost 20 pounds by following a few simple nutritional guidelines.

I recommend Dickson Chiropractic to anyone interested in chiropractic care. Dr. Scott and his staff are always very polite and helpful.

James Mayfield

When I first started seeing Dr. Scott I was in a lot of pain. I was having trouble with my back and right hip to the point I couldn’t even walk. I was also having headaches everyday. I’m back to work and walking. Also, pretty much headache free after 30 years (and no longer needing the medications I was taking). Dr. Scott has been a true blessing for me.

Lisa H

Very awesome an super nice people, great at what they do an go the extra mile to help someone in need out. They have helped to keep up with my teenage son in playing sports, an surviving my long work days.

Joseph Matlock

I was referred to Dr. Scott Jutte by my dentist for severe tmj. I didn’t know a chiropractor handled these type of cases, but I stuck to his plan and we had my jaw pain free within weeks.

rich truitt