Heal Your Tendonitis with Chiropractic Care

Tendonitis: What is it?

Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons that connect your muscles to your bones. Tendonitis is often caused by sudden, sharp movements or repetitive exercises like running, jumping or throwing or even typing.


Causes of Tendonitis:

Tendonitis can occur with athletes who use poor techniques in sports or workers who perform repetitive motions, such as typing.  Tendonitis usually presents in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, thumb, hip, knee, and ankles.

Symptoms of Tendonitis:

  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Warmth and redness
  • Crackling
  • Pain of the affected limb
  • Stiffness and loss of range of motion

Reducing Your Tendonitis:

  • Warm up before exercising
  • Wear suitable shoes for exercise
  • Take regular breaks from repetitive exercises
  • Don’t over-exercise tired muscles
  • Don’t start a new sport without training
  • Don’t stick to the same repetitive exercises

Chiropractic Treatment for Tendonitis:

The first step your chiropractor will take in treating tendonitis is to assess the problem and rule out any other possible underlying causes of your pain. This is necessary because the joint pain and stiffness associated with tendonitis are similar to the symptoms of arthritis.  After a complete diagnosis, your chiropractor will select a natural, non-surgical and non-drug treatment plan to help with your tendonitis.

These chiropractic treatments might include: ice, rest, temporary immobilization, electrical muscle stimulation, laser therapy, manual trigger point therapy, strengthening exercises, physical therapy, and/or massage. Joint manipulation may also be performed on individuals with diminished joint mobility.

Chronic Tendonitis:

Chronic tendonitis is tendonitis that has continued for six months or more. After your chiropractor evaluates the exact point of your pain, he may find the point of pain might be an injury that has occurred elsewhere on your body. Misaligned joints can cause tendonitis due to the extra strain from your body being out of alignment.

Once your body is back in the proper alignment, the tendonitis and or symptoms could completely disappear. Following proper exercises suggested by your chiropractor can help keep the affected muscles strong and prevent a recurring injury. Chiropractors will usually recommend a full body approach including diet, supplements and lifestyle changes to help heal and prevent future occurrences of tendonitis.

You need a good chiropractic clinic to help you with this and other problems, like neck pain, back pain, sciatica, or injuries from car accidents and sports.

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