Some Questions On Cracking Knuckles

It has always been debatable whether cracking knuckles are good or bad. Well, here we are trying to explain you the pros and cons of cracking your knuckles. Let’s start with a situation where you happen to hear a random sound of popping knuckles. How do you feel at that time?

Obviously that sound might make you feel uncomfortable. However, there are few people who feel cracking their knuckles would bring some relief. So very evidently, response to the same situation differs from person to person. Our Chiropractors at Dickson-Chiropractic receives many query related to side effects of this habit of cracking knuckles. Some simple reasons can explain the concept further.

Cracking Knuckles - Chiropractors for Back Pain in Dickson


According to recent studies, approximately twenty five to fifty four percentage of us have the habit of cracking knuckles. Now the next big question is, do these people fall easy victim of arthritis in hands? Well, the followers of cracking knuckles, would be happy to know that this phenomenon has no scientific reasoning yet. There is no specific evidence of any relation between cracking the knuckle and developing arthritis. As a matter of fact, it is mostly like chiropractic adjustments. Practically the sound that you hear is due to the small bubbles present in the synovial fluid. Those bubbles burst and produces such sound.

It is very common that parents warn their children, not to practice this or make cracking knuckles a habit. Well, numerous scientific studies have been carried to understand this concept. This conversation would be incomplete if we do not discuss about the findings of Dr. Donald Unger. Just like other children, he was also advised not to practice cracking knuckles. However he tried knuckle cracking till sixty years everyday with one of his hand. However, doctors could not find any sign of arthritis in his hands.

So beyond irritating others, there is nothing much to worry about your habit of cracking knuckles. For more updates stay tuned to our new articles on chiropractic treatment. Before popping medicines for pain, try to get in touch with our professional Chiropractors in Dickson.

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