Shoulder Instability – can chiropractic care offer some relief?

shoulder instability

While the shoulders are the most flexible joints in your body they are also one of the most vulnerable to dislocation. Multiple bones, ligaments, and muscles work together to support the stability of the shoulder joint; but when these structures surrounding the shoulder joints don’t work properly shoulder instability, dislocation or other problems could occur.

Dislocation of the shoulder is called shoulder subluxation.  When this subluxation occurs the ball portion of the humerus comes out of the glenoid cavity in the shoulder joint and can be very painful.

What can cause Shoulder Instability?

In most cases a forceful blow can cause complete or partial dislocation of humerus. After a shoulder is dislocated the first time the joint becomes unstable and is likely to undergo subluxations (dislocations) in the future.

Shoulder Dislocation

Sometimes trauma and injury can cause an initial dislocation of shoulder(s). When dislocation of the humeral head occurs, the glenoid cavity (socket) and the ligaments helping to hold it in place can get injured or torn. Also a “Bankart lesion” might occur which is the tearing of the labrum, the cartilage rim located around the edge of the glenoid cavity. A severe first shoulder dislocation can eventually lead to future dislocations (subluxations) or a feeling of shoulder instability.

Repetitive Strain

A continual repetitive overhead movement can also cause should instability.  In sports such as swimming, volleyball, and tennis repeated overhead movements can cause the stretching of the shoulder ligaments. It is difficult to maintain the stability of shoulders with loose ligaments. If you need strain injury treatment in Dickson, you can visit Dickson Chiropractic to improve your health condition.

Multidirectional Instability

Some people can also have shoulder instability without a dislocation. The people may have loose shoulder ligaments as a part of their natural anatomy. Due to these “loose ligaments” a dislocation may occur in the front, back or bottom of the shoulder.

Symptoms of Shoulder Instability

Certain symptoms could indicate the start of shoulder instability. If you experience any of the following symptoms it is recommended you visit one of your Dickson Chiropractors such as Dickson Chiropractic.

  • Pain from a shoulder injury
  • A persistent ‘loose’ feeling in the shoulders
  • Repetitive dislocation of your shoulder(s)
  • Swelling in the shoulders accompanied by pain
  • Numbness or tingling sensation along the arm
  • A deformed shoulder
  • Difficulty in moving the shoulders

Unlike the movies, slamming your shoulder into a wall is not the answer to a shoulder subluxation.  If the “ball and socket” are not put back in place properly you could have more problems.

Consult one of the chiropractors in Dickson to find out the proper treatment and re-alignment of your shoulder.

Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Instability

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