Learn Chiropractic Care Top Benefits

Chiropractic Care has provided relief to millions of Americans who suffer from back pain. There is a much greater benefit with chiropractic care than just pain relief; it brings a host of health benefits with its natural and drug-free approach. At Dickson-chiropractic.com we continue to train with a goal to be one of the top providers of chiropractic care in Dickson, Tennessee. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of chiropractic treatment and how it may help you stay healthier naturally. To understand the benefits we must first understand some basic facts about chiropractic treatment:

Chiropractic Care Basic Facts:

The human spine has 24 independent, movable bones called vertebra. These bones give you strength and structure to allow for normal movement, twisting and carrying out our activities daily. The spine also performs the important function of protecting our delicate central nervous system, which controls and coordinates the muscles, tissues, cells and organs of the body. When the spine is injured or has poor posture it leads to problems. When loss of motion and alignment stress the nerves we call this subluxation of the spine. The stress on the nerves often leads to pain, numbness and tingling sensations. In addition, any muscle or organ connected to the stressed nerves has the potential for a problem. Constipation, indigestion and reflux are common problems which often respond to chiropractic treatment. The chiropractor uses specific spinal adjustments to correct spinal problems, the relief of stress on the nerves can result in pain relief but also restored function.


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Some Of The Additional Benefits Of Chiropractic Care:

• Chiropractic Care Improves Posture: Prolonged poor posture leads to other health problems; blood pressure, decreased lung capacity and degenerative disc disease to name a few. As a chiropractor we can pinpoint exactly where the spine is not moving properly, restore normal movement and allow for better posture.

• Chiropractic Care Helps in Relaxation: When your spine is out of alignment your muscles become tight and tense. Even if you wanted to relax you can’t. When your spine moves better the muscle are more relaxed. The result is less tension and stress.

• Chiropractic Care Helps Prevent Surgery and use of Medication: Chiropractic treatment simply allows the body to work and heal the way it was naturally designed. Healthier people use less drugs and have less surgery over a lifetime.

• Chiropractic Care Increases Athletic Performance: Most college athletic programs and all Olympic and professional athletes use chiropractic care. Athletes report fewer injuries, faster recovery time and better performance when under regular chiropractic care.

• Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Pain: Addiction to pain pills is at epidemic levels nationwide. More people are dying from prescribed pain medications than die from illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin. If you suffer from back and nerve related pain; start with a conservative, natural chiropractic approach.

• Chiropractic Care Helps Maintain Optimum Body Performance: In addition to the benefits mentioned above, chiropractic treatment can help improve blood circulation, better oxygenation, reduces spasms in muscles, and enhances flexibility in the body. When your spine works well and your nerves have less stress your body can do its best.

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