How Inflammation Changes Our Health

Approximately 90% of our problems come from our gut.  Most problems we encounter are inflammation related and start with an autoimmune reaction which then starts the inflammation process in order to protect the body from whatever the body thinks is attacking it.

Let’s take a look at this process.

Inflammation – how does it start?

Think of your gut like a screen door.  It has these tiny little holes to allow only special items to pass through but nothing else.

Unfortunately, when you are stressed, or your thyroid hormone levels change due to working late into the night those carefully sized holes get bigger and items that shouldn’t be passing through get out into your bloodstream.  This is known as LGS – leaky gut syndrome.

When foreign items that should not be floating around in your bloodstream start to do just that, your body thinks it is under attack and of course wants to defend itself.

This is when your body starts the inflammation process in order to insulate itself against this attack.  But, while it is trying to protect itself your immune system is weakened and now you are unprotected.

Back or Neck pain

So, what can you do?

  • Relax

Stress, OVER-exercising, poor sleep, etc., trigger inflammation issues.  Keeping a positive attitude, seeing the “silver lining,” properly exercising, maintaining proper blood/sugar balance will keep you and your body in balance.

  • Eat Right

Eat nutritional food, food that helps the body, not hurts it.

In the end

It is your body, your life. To reduce and even possibly remove the problems you are facing such as chronic pain like back pain or neck pain, obesity, heart disease, stroke, headaches or migraines, etc., you need to reduce the inflammation, the protection response, your body has started if you want to feel good again.

Proper chiropractic care can help your body reduce your body’s inflammation faster by allowing proper blood flow and nerve communication.  Dickson-Chiropractic in Dickson, TN has over 25 years experience providing treatment for back pain, treatment for neck pain, tmj, and offers spinal decompression to help your body.

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