Dickson-Chiropractic Posture Tips

Most work requires we sit at desks and cubicles for a major part of the day. IT employees can remain at their desk for hours without breaks because of the nature of their jobs. Prolonged sitting, usually in a crouched posture, takes a heavy toll on the spine. Have you ever noticed when you stand up after work, it is often painful to stand up straight.
Another side effect of sitting for long periods of time is lack of circulation. Many equate sitting to be as harmful to health as smoking!

If you were to add up the hours per day you spent sitting and the number of days per week you spend sitting, it is rarely a wonder more people don’t suffer with chronic back pain. Doesn’t it make more sense to spend a little time now to prevent hitting the chronic pain zone later?

Dickson-Chiropractic has a simple solution, basic flexibility and posture maintenance exercises on a daily basis. These exercises do not require a lot of room nor any expensive special equipment. They are simple, easy to do and can be done at work.

Posture Tips

What posture tips do we recommend?

1. Back up against a wall, heels touching the wall, flatten your shoulders to the wall.
2. Place your palms flat on the wall down by your side.
3. Breathe in and as you breathe out try to flatten yourself against the wall, keeping your shoulders relaxed but against the wall.
4. Repeat this process for 6 repetitions, 3 times a day.

Neck retraction is another exercise Dickson-Chiropractic suggests as posture tips to be done on a daily basis.
For this stretch:

1. Focus your eyes on a point across the room.
2. Slowly stretch your head back, keeping your eyes positioned on the same spot.
3. Go as far back as you can without moving your eyes or losing sight of the object.
4. Slowly return to a normal position.
5. Repeat this for 6 repetitions, 3 times in a day.

The final exercise is the pelvic tilt exercise on the wall.
For this exercise:

1. Place your back against the wall and as you let your breathe out roll your hips back pressing your lower back flat against the wall. You will feel like you are pulling your belly button into the wall.
2. Hold for 3 seconds then slowly breathe in relaxing the back and hips.
3. Repeat this for 6 repetitions, 3 times a day.

These easy exercise routines will help rejuvenate your spine and keep back pain away.

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