Dealing With The Side Effects of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain Side Effects

Daily pain and/or cramps can create difficulties in our everyday lives.

There are two main type of pain – acute (coming on suddenly) and chronic (lasting a long time, perhaps years).

Sudden pain is our body’s messenger to the brain that says “Hey! There is a problem!”

The nerve endings send signals to the brain which in turn tells your body to avoid the cause of the pain by jerking your hand away from a hot stove, for example.

Unfortunately a lot of people do not have fully open pathways from the body to the brain due to spinal misalignment and those signals do not always reach their destination or the signal must be increased so it can reach your brain and that can cause you more pain.

Chronic pain is different. Chronic pain is from something that has not healed or being restricted from healing by something like a virus or infection. These pain signals are constantly being sent from the body to the brain over and over again. And if it is intense enough it can even stop other bodily functions from working.

Arthritis is a chronic inflammation of various joints which causes pain.  These pain signals are sent over and over again to the brain indicating a problem and this pain can stop your body from functioning properly.

Helping to Reduce Chronic Pain

Daily Exercise

Even just a daily walk has been shown to reduce inflammation and reduce weight (which is also an added stress on the body and joints).

Your body was made to move, not sit in a chair for 10+ hours a day.  If you have a job where you need to sit for long hours, make it a point to break up that time, even for just a few minutes to keep the joints lubricated and moving.  Take a quick walk around your office or building.  Doing so will keep your body active and refresh your mind.  You may even solve that problem you have been staring at for the past 6 hours.


Sometimes being able to relax is easier said than done, especially when under chronic pain.

Stress can cause muscle tension, headaches and even reduce your immune system.  While you may not be able to avoid stress completely, finding ways to reduce the stress in your life and the stress on your body can greatly help you feel better and recover faster.

Look into forms of stress reduction like meditation, yoga and/or relaxation techniques through proper breathing.

Chiropractic Care

As you may know, chiropractic care helps keep your spine in line.  Proper spinal position helps keep information flowing from your brain to your body.  Without that information super-highway your body could suffer.

Through regular routine chiropractic care sessions, places like Dickson Chiropractic (Dickson, Tennessee) can help you with proper spinal adjustments and keep everything flowing smoothly.  Once you are in proper alignment, problems like chronic pain may even be reduced or removed entirely.

From back pain, headaches, migraines, neck pain, pregnancy pain and all other types of pain; exercise, stretching, relaxation techniques and proper chiropractic care can get you back onto the road to recovery and a healthier, happier life.

Dickson Chiropractic Care is a chiropractic clinic in Dickson, TN.  Dr. Scott Jutte has been helping people just like you with acute and chronic pain for over 27 years. From professional athletes to newborn babies Dickson Chiropractic could help you.

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