The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body. It travels from the lower back, through the buttock, down the leg, all the way to the feet. When the sciatic nerve becomes irritated or inflamed, symptoms can include numbness, burning, tingling, dull, aching, sharp or shooting pain. A loss of strength in the leg or foot can also occur in some cases.

Symptoms may arise suddenly as the result of trauma to the sciatic nerve or it can appear gradually as pressure or irritation of the sciatic nerve gradually builds over time. Because the sciatic nerve originates in the lower spine, there is often a spinal connection to sciatica.


Chiropractic care provides a healthy solution to this problem by:

  • Providing a doctor that specializes in soft tissue healing without the use of medication. In addition x-rays can determine if the lower back is also contributing to your sciatica.
  • Implementing a treatment plan that includes active exercises, Class IV Laser Therapy, and chiropractic care, will provide the best environment for optimal soft tissue healing to get you back to enjoying life as soon as possible.
  • Providing enhanced stress relief by decreasing stress on the nervous system through the proper realignment of the spine.
  • Increasing the odds for long term relief and reducing the risk for future problems because of restored spinal motion.

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