Nervous System

The average adult human brain contains 86 BILLION NEURONS; almost as many stars as there are in the Milky Way galaxy!

What is the nervous system?

The nervous system is the master control system of your body. Every action, thought, and feeling is processed by your nervous system; therefore, making it the most important system in your body! The nervous system continually monitors the changes in your internal and external environments to determine your body’s best response or course of action. Your nervous system is always at work monitoring and regulating your body functions for optimal health.

How Does Chiropractic Relate To My Nervous System?

  • Chiropractic care for your spine is like Dental care for your teeth.
  • Your nervous system is protected and passes directly through your spine. Misalignment and loss of mobility of your spine (subluxation) will lead to nerve stress and irritation. At times, the result is immediate pain and symptoms, but, often, stress on the nerves and spine can take years before you realize you have a problem.

How Does Chiropractic Improve My Nervous System Function?

  • Your chiropractor is a healthcare professional specifically trained to examine your spine for misalignment and loss of mobility, which is called spinal subluxation.
  • When detected, your chiropractor will use safe and effective chiropractic adjustments to restore proper spinal movement which reduces stress to the nervous system and slows spinal degeneration. When your spine works better and you have less stress on your nervous system, you feel and function better.

If you lined up all the nerve cells in your body side by side, the total length would MEASURE OVER 500 MILES!

“The nervous system holds the key to the body’s incredible potential to heal itself.”
-Sir Jay Holder, M.D., D.C., Ph.D.