Common Car Accident Injuries and How to Treat them

car accident

Car accidents injure many people every year.  From minor bruises to serious injuries, car accidents can disrupt your life in a lot of ways. Although you may not immediately experience pain or problems, after a car accident your body could have experienced a major shock to its’ system and it is something you should take seriously.

We’ve listed some professional medical advice to help you recover from your injury fast.

Head and Brain Injuries

Both passengers and drivers are more than likely to have head and brain injuries due to a car accident. Sometimes this could be just a minor head or brain injury; on the other hand, your head could have been knocked around hard enough to move your brain around inside your skull. While brain/head injuries could go unnoticed, if you are experiencing headaches, dizziness, or nausea you should visit your chiropractor.

head & brain injury

  • Treatment:

Chiropractic adjustments will not only manage the symptoms of your head injury but also will speed its healing process. A spinal adjustment will help restore your spinal and nerve functions. When everything is back in alignment, your brain and body will be able to communicate and the body will be able to start healing itself.

  • Recovery:

Chiropractic sessions from an experienced DC will reduce your recovery time and in most cases you will immediately start to feel better.


Neck Injuries

Neck injuries, like Whiplash, are caused when your neck moves back and forth quickly due to a car accident. This greatly strains the neck and in some extreme cases can cause a dislocation of the vertebrae.

Neck injury

  • Treatment:

Over-the-counter pain-relieving medicines may give you temporary relief from Whiplash and other neck strains by blocking the pain receptors. But if you want more permanent, safe and effective relief, you should find a Chiropractor for proper chiropractic care. Your DC will realign your spine to restore the flexibility of your neck and alleviate your pain.

  • Recovery:

Symptoms of Whiplash don’t fade easily and may persist for several weeks. A car accident can put a significant strain on your neck and body and your recovery time will vary. But with a proper chiropractic care solution by your knowledgeable DC, your body will be able heal itself so you can be pain free again.


Rib and Collarbone Injuries

Rib and collarbone injuries are very common in car accidents. Your whole body weight is thrown against the immovable seatbelt with a great deal of force.  While seat-belts can save your life, it will hurt.

Collarbone injury

  • Treatment:

An injured collarbone, depending on the severity, can heal on its’ own.  But for proper care, faster healing and to ensure the healing takes place in the proper manner, a full chiropractic assessment and chiropractic adjustment is something you want as well.

  • Recovery:

The recovery period for a rib injury or collarbone injury can vary; however, in most cases you will start to feel much better in just the first 2-3 chiropractic sessions.


Spinal Cord and Back Injuries

As with the rib and collarbone injuries, your spine and back are also going to take a beating.  A car accident injuries can cause a lot of damage to the whole body and because of the rapid deceleration or stopping of the car due to the accident, your whole body will lose its’ proper alignment.  This can develop into chronic, long-lasting and even permanent backbone or spinal cord injuries without the proper care.

Back injury

  • Treatment:

If it is a small “fender bender” then usually heat and ice application are enough to heal your body. But even then, a chiropractic assessment is recommended just to make sure.  Of course if you are having major pain or mobility problems, you should call your chiropractor immediately.

  • Recovery:

Minor muscle strains, on average, take a few weeks to heal completely; but with chiropractic care, a safe, effective drug-free option, you can start to feel the positive results and relief within just a few sessions.

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