Amazing Benefits of Class IV Laser Therapy in Dickson

Class IV Laser Therapy

Laser therapy, a lesser-known treatment in the 21st century, helps relieve muscle pain, ligaments strain, and reduces inflammation. By increasing blood circulation more internal nutrients are able to reach the affected area, which in turn helps speed up the healing process.

Depending on their power output, laser therapy has been classified into three types. They are:

  • Class 3a: 5 milliwatts of power
  • Class 3b: 500 milliwatts of power max.
  • Class 4: over 500  milliwatts

The depth of penetration plays a crucial role in determining the class to be used.

By using the Class IV laser therapy in Dickson, you can received the following health benefits:

  • Repairing of damaged tissues
  • Increased metabolic activity
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Increased flexibility of joints
  • Fast healing of nerve injury
  • Improved vascular activity

How Does Class IV Laser Therapy Work?

According to the chiropractors in Dickson, human tissue is bio-stimulated with the help of laser therapy.  Its use speeds the tissue growing and repairing process. Consequently, inflammation and pain heal faster.

The cell interaction with the photons of therapeutic laser lights leads to increased cellular activity. This increase cellular activity generates ATP or Higher Adenosine tri-phosphate and increases the permeability of the cell membrane; which helps with the dilatation of blood and lymph vessels. The energy from this process of making the cells energetic increasing health strength and decreases the time needed for the body to heal.

Your Dickson Chiropractic clinic in TN efficiently manages their patient’s pain in a safe manner using this Class IV Laser Therapy. People who want to avoid surgery (better not to cut into the body when not absolutely necessary) or medical shots (with varying side-effects) should try this alternative treatment to allow their bodies to heal themselves.

What Risks are involved in This Alternative Method?

This method is completely safe, provided it is used and/or supervised by a well-trained professional.

Proper eye protection IS required as lasers (almost all forms) can damage the eyes/retinas beyond repair.  Always wear the provided eye safety protection when this procedure is being performed.


Surgery (cutting into the body) is a risky process and any type of chemical (i.e. medicine) must interact with the natural chemicals of the body and therefore can have side-effects (problems). However with Class IV laser therapy, there is no cutting and no chemical changes to your body. This means it is a safer method and something you should check out if you have injuries or pain.

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