Chiropractic Treatment – At Dickson Chiropractic

Have you heard of Chiropractic Treatment ?

Chiropractors diagnose and treat health problems related to the nerves, bones, muscles and joints of the spine. A Doctor of Chiropractic (DC or Chiropractor) focuses on health matters of the neuromuscular nature. He or she uses hands-on or instrument style spinal adjustments on the spine. Proper alignment and movement of the body especially of the spine allows less stress on the connection of the brain down the spinal cord and out the nerves to all the body parts. With less stress on the nerves a patient has the highest potential for normal self-healing, in most cases without the need for surgery or medication. The chiropractic treatment which corrects spinal subluxation, can often bring immediate relief to the patient from tight or tense areas. Our goal is to become the leading Chiropractic Center in Dickson and to not only provide relief but long term solutions to your chronic health problems.

Chiropractic Treatment - Dickson Chiropractic


Chiropractic Treatment – Dickson Chiropractic

Chiropractic Facts and Benefits:

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the USA today. It is estimated that 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time. What may go unnoticed by many is that most low back pain is the direct result of spinal dysfunction or what we chiropractors call subluxation. Chiropractors recognize the natural design of the human body for self-healing and self-regulating. It is the nervous system which allows the body to do this. The primary job of the Chiropractor is to keep the spine moving and aligned properly so it does not create stress or interference on the nervous system. The benefits of Chiropractic Treatment are many, such as: chronic pain relief, restoration of joint motion, improved posture. Our goal is to allow your body to reach its fullest healing potential.

Why Dickson Chiropractic for Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care at Dickson Chiropractic is directed under the leadership of Dr. Scott Jutte who has 24 years of experience providing Health and Wellness services. Dr. Scott was introduced to chiropractic care at a young age by his parents. The common sense approach to health and wellness just made sense and working as a chiropractor looked more inviting than being a farmer. Dr. Jutte received his doctorate degree Summa Cum Laude in 1991 from the National University of Health Sciences. With his many years of experience and his continued desire to learn, he has helped many people achieve startling results through natural methods. In addition to Dr. Jutte, the staff at Dickson Chiropractic includes Tiffany Lynn, LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist), Stay Vance – Office manager and Shae Barnes – front desk. Our goal is to find out if chiropractic care can help you with your health problem and offer you the best natural solution.

What to expect on your initial visit?

During your initial visit a personal consultation will be performed to determine the nature of your problem. In addition, motion study x-rays are often used to determine exactly where your spine is not working properly. Based on your assessment a proper course of treatment will be planned to correct your problem for long term relief. The ultimate goal is to teach you how to maintain your results over your lifetime. For further details please contact us by visiting

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