Chiropractic tips to Avoid Accidental Slips and Falls in Winter

An accidental slip and fall can occur any time throughout the year; however, during winter, such accidents are more common, regardless of your age.

Sidewalks, roads, and parking spaces can get covered with snow and ice and  are usually the most likely places for these types of injuries. Slip and falls can cause back injuries, lower back injuries, neck injuries, arm or hand injuries, leg injuries, knee injuries, and sometimes even result in a concussion (a usually mild blow/hit to the head causing your brain to bounce inside your skull).

If you should have a slip and fall you should visit a chiropractor. Your chiropractor will fully review your medical history, may take X-Rays, and help you determine the extent of your injury. At that point, an experienced chiropractor like Dr. Scott Jutte of Dickson Chiropractic in Dickson, TN, would provide the right chiropractic care for slip and fall injuries.

Tips to prevent accidental slip and fall injuries

Being a little extra cautious during winter can save you from a lot of injuries. The following tips could help you and your loved ones to stay safe:

  • Keep your hands free while walking – Keeping your hands in your pockets to keep warm is great until you start to slip and fall. Gloves are a better option and can help prevent scraping your hands if you should slip and fall. Keeping your hands free allows you to help “break the fall” or brace yourself if you accidentally slip.
  • Wearing the right shoes – Wearing those great looking heels or leather-soled shoes in winter may look great, but do not provide enough traction during the usual winter conditions. Rubber soled shoes are the way to go. Carry your fashionable shoes with you and wear them when you get to the function instead.
  • Look before you leap – Make sure you know where are walking. Don’t stare at the ground (you may walk into a pole), instead keep your eyes scanning ahead for any possible icy or snowy dangers.
  • Avoid carrying heavy loads – Walking on snow or ice covered roads with a heavy load could cause you even more problems. Make multiple trips if necessary and/or use a helper during this time.
  • Avoid running – Running in these conditions could send you to the ground hard.
  • Use handrails if possible – If there is a handrail available, use it. This could keep you from landing on the ground should a walkway not be fully clear.

Dickson Chiropractic is your chiropractic care clinic. Dickson Chiropractic offers chiropractic care for accidental slip and fall injuries in Dickson and the surrounding areas. Sudden injuries can forcefully move your spine out of alignment, causing persistent pain. Experiencing a head injury or neck injury due to a slip and fall could even lead to a concussion. Talk with your chiropractor Dr. Scott Jutte about the right chiropractic treatment including decompression therapy for back and neck pain.

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