Chiropractic and Massage Therapy for Back Pain Treatment

With the seasonal changes now in full effect, the dryness and cold of winter can increase back pain in people. Let Chiropractic and Massage Therapy adjust and massage those pains away.

Should you see Chiropractors for Back Pain in Dickson, TN?

Back pain is a very common problem with eight out of ten adults experiencing it at some stage of their lives. While most people might reach for pain medications to deal with their back pain, another very effective way is chiropractic care.

Back pain treatment

Back pain chiropractic care is one of the safest, most effective methods for the treatment of back pain. If you have back pain but have never visited any chiropractor; here is what you can expect, how to find a chiropractor near Dickson, TN along with some of the most common chiropractic methods of treatment.

Finding a Back Pain Treatment Center in Dickson?

Finding a highly-recommended, licensed chiropractor will help ensure that you experience relief from back pain. Ask your physician, physical therapist, or other medical professionals for their recommendations.

On your first visit with your chiropractor, talk about your medical conditions, concerns, and questions with your chiropractor. During your first visit, with a chiropractor for back pain, you may be X-rayed and/or have an examination based on what you told your chiropractor. You should also let your chiropractor know about any medication use.

There are a lot of techniques used in spinal manipulation therapy including Chiropractic Massage Therapy.

Tools used by Chiropractors for Back pain in Dickson, TN?

For back pain chiropractors may use a few different tools to perform a chiropractic adjustment. These include:

  • Traction Tables
  • Heat Lamps
  • Activator Adjusting Instrument
  • Roller Tables
  • Impulse Adjusting Instrument


Chiropractic Massage Therapy for back pain is a highly effective way of managing back pain, in addition to other types of pain. For many people, back pain can become chronic, even debilitating. Chiropractic care provides another pain management option instead of drugs to help control back pain.

As compared to other methods of pain control, such as medications, surgery, or interventional procedures, chiropractic care is a safe, effective, no side effect method for pain management. Since chiropractic care is the method of adjusting your body to allow your body to heal itself, chiropractic care can be performed even if you are on medication.

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