Change Your Life With Chiropractic Wellness Tips

Chiropractic treatment is a science of natural body manipulation. Chiropractic wellness is achieved through different types of treatment that is gentle, precise and has an immediate effect. Chiropractic treatment, such as spinal manipulation, will help keep your spine and nerves functioning in harmony. Here are some Chiropractic Wellness Tips from Dickson chiropractic clinic to help you lead a healthier and pain free life.

chiropractic wellness tips

Chiropractic Wellness Tips

Living a healthier lifestyle starts with small changes to your normal routine. Over time these small changes add up to massive results. If you follow the tips given below starting today, you will become a much healthier person tomorrow.


  • Try to stand with your head level.
  • If you need to stand in one place for a long time, put one foot on a 4 to 6 inch stool to reduce the pressure on your spine.
  • Don’t wear high heel shoes for extended periods of time.


  • Use a comfortable firm chair and sit up straight.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor with your knees a little higher than your hips. Sit against the back of the chair.
  • Avoid crossing your legs at the knees, this can increase back problems and restrict blood flow to your lower limbs.

Working at a Desk

  • Walk frequently instead of sitting in a place for long periods of time.
  • Sit with your knees at a 90-120-degree angle. An angled footrest can help increase your comfort.
  • Be sure your work chair fits properly. Keep two inches of distance between the front edge of your seat and back of your knees.
  • Select your chair so you can see your computer screen text easily and read comfortably.


  • Do not twist or turn when lifting, especially with heavy objects. If you need to turn put the object down, step in the direction of the turn and lift. Don’t twist at the waist.
  • Bend your knees, not your waist, when lifting any object.

Physical Activities / Household Tasks

  • Warm up before and cool down after physical activity like playing, riding and gardening.
  • While cleaning dishes, open the cabinet under the sink, bow one knee, and keep your foot on the shelf under the sink. Lean against the counter for support.
  • While ironing, keep one foot on a small stool.

Talking Over the Telephone

  • Don’t cradle the receiver between your neck and shoulder while talking over the telephone. Place the phone in your hand, use a headset or talk on the speakerphone instead.
  • If you are on the phone most of the time (like in a call center), use the lightest headphones you can and take breaks often.


  • Don’t use soft mattress or sofa for sleeping.
  • Try to go to sleep at the same time each day and maintain good sleeping posture.


Chiropractors in Dickson, TN can help you with more great Chiropractic health tips.  Call Dr. Scott Jutte at Dickson Chiropractic today: (615) 375-8423.

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