Cervical Posture Correction

Do you know how Cervical Posture is caused? Cervical Posture results due to forward pull of the weight of the head which causes undue pressure on the vertebrae of the lower neck, causing disc diseases and neck problems. Technology can be liberating and enslaving at the same time. It liberates the mind but poses serious challenges to our health. Most Americans use a computer, smart phone or tablet for many hours a day, almost to a level we could classify as an addiction. With our attention being diverted to these devices, people are making less time for exercise and walking. In addition, these devices create un-natural postures which promote chronic health conditions. Poor posture leads to fatigue, chronic muscle tension and spinal arthritis.

Cervical Posture - Chiropractors for Back Pain in Dickson

Negative Effects of Cervical Posture :

Cervical posture correction is needed now more than ever. At Dickson Chiropractic we understand the long term negative effects of poor posture. Every patient is evaluated with a personal postural screening and analysis. Sitting for long periods of time creates forward head posture similar to what you will see in a nursing home. Being in this position for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week over a 20 year career and the odds are very high you will end up with “nursing home posture”. Learning about cervical posture correction while you are still young will be a life saver in retirement.

The treatment of back pain is also a common problem seen at Dickson Chiropractic and often contributed to long periods of sitting or driving. Many with occupations of sitting or driving will ignore their back pain for a long time, putting it off for another day. Finally, when the back pain becomes unbearable or no longer “works itself out”, they will seek chiropractic services. Often relief can be found quickly but long term relief and stability can take time.

If you are experiencing any type of neck or back pain, you are encouraged to see us at Dickson Chiropractic as soon as possible. Do not allow that small problem to become a bigger problem, schedule to see one of the most experienced Chiropractors in Dickson. Not only will we find a solution for your current problems, we will teach you how to improve your work posture and recommend an appropriate corrective stretching program for long term relief. Having better posture will help you perform better on the job, have a longer career and enjoy retirement!!

Dickson Chiropractic can show you the way to a life free of back pain and spinal injury. Don’t waste another moment to sign up for a check-up to see how we can help you.

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