Can chiropractic care help treat soft tissue injuries?

soft tissue injuries

Sudden movements can often injure your body’s soft tissue. If you ignore these injuries, you could find yourself with persistent pain and discomfort. To avoid long and short term pain, you should visit a chiropractic care center in Tennessee, such as Dickson Chiropractic, for chiropractic care that can help treat your soft tissue injuries.

Overusing muscles can also often lead to strains or injury. Your chiropractor will examine you to determine the cause(s) and severity of your injury. In some instances, injuries might limit your range of motion and affect your ability to move. Pain relievers or rest are only temporary solutions. For long-term relief, you need chiropractic care.

How does a soft tissue injury happen?

Soft tissues include your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Sprains, strains, and overuse of muscles, can cause soft tissue injuries. Accidental slip and falls, sports injuries, a sudden blow to the head, or car accidents are just some of the causes of soft tissue injuries. Regardless of the cause of your injury, it generally falls into two categories – Acute Trauma and Repetitive Stress.

Acute Trauma

Car accident injuries, accidental slips and falls, sports injuries, head traumas, workplace accidents, etc., are considered acute trauma. In a lot of these situations, people do not have any pre-existing injury. Unfortunately, this extreme, usually unexpected, body movement can injure your muscles, ligaments, or tendons, which of course can be very painful. Your Dickson chiropractor at a Dickson chiropractic center near you can find a solution that could provide you immediate relief from this acute trauma.

Left untreated, these types of injuries can become worse. More pain and less ability to move the affected area could cause other complications. Immediate chiropractic treatment soon after an injury can help speed recovery.

Repetitive Stress

Soft tissue injuries resulting from repetitive stress usually happen over time, like carpal tunnel. Another example would be taking calls all day.  If you put the phone between your ear and neck to hold it there while you do something else, over and over again, this repetitive straining of the neck can eventually cause intense neck pain.

Repetitive strains or injuries can be corrected by your Tennessee chiropractor at a chiropractic care clinic in Tennessee near you.

How do chiropractors help treat soft tissue injuries?

Soft tissue injuries can cause stiffness in the muscles and joints, which can result in pain when moving your body. Depending on the reason for the injury, you could also experience headaches, especially those involved in a car accident, difficulty concentrating or even nausea (if severe enough).

Your chiropractor will help you determine the right treatment plan based on the type of injury you suffered and its’ severity level.

In the alternative, if the problem is overuse of muscles or a repetitive activity strain, your chiropractor may suggest deep-tissue laser therapy to help improve your condition.

In addition, accidental slips and falls or work injury could injure or compress your spine. This type of injury can also affect your spinal alignment. In these situations your chiropractor may recommend non-surgical spinal decompression therapy to help restore the natural curvature of your spine.

Chiropractic care focuses on improving brain-body communication to enhance the body’s own healing abilities; surgery and drug free.

Dickson Chiropractic is your chiropractic care center in Tennessee that helps treat many forms of musculoskeletal injuries. From soft tissue injuries to musculoskeletal trauma, you should visit Dickson Chiropractic to help you find relief.

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