What Does America Think About Chiropractors in Dickson

The results of the annual Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic Annual Report: Americans’ Perceptions of Chiropractic are out! This is the second year of this annual survey that shows to one and all what Americans think about chiropractors in Dickson and elsewhere in the country.

This survey gives us an understanding about the perceptions and thoughts on chiropractic care in Dickson. This year, the number of respondents taking part in the survey is an impressive: 7,645. These people live throughout the USA giving us a clear idea on their thoughts of chiropractic care.

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The results of the survey are:

  • 15% of the total American population, numbering about 35.5 million people, used a chiropractor. This number is a 1% increase from the survey conducted last year.
  • Among these people, 93% felt that the chiropractic care they received was effective and 89% of them would recommend this line of treatment to a family or friend. 88% even felt that chiropractic care centers in Tennessee, along with other areas, were good value for money.

Chiropractic care is a worthwhile investment to improve your health problems.  Chiropractors are a viable alternative to improving your health without the use of medications and/or surgery.

More people are more receptive to an alternative mode of treatment. They are growing more frustrated with the medications and multiple debilitating side-effects, not to mention the ever-growing bills. According to chiropractors in Dickson, many people have never tried Chiropractic care because they do not have know enough about this form of care.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about chiropractic care. We have written about the rigorous education and training chiropractors go through before they can work in a private chiropractic care center. Visit one of the chiropractic care centers in Tennessee and see for yourself, you will be glad you did.

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