Aches and Pains Explained: How Chiropractors Can Help

The cause of joint aches and pains can be varied, originating from diverse causes. Age is definitely a factor. With age, the synovial fluid in the joints dry up, causing friction between the bones. In women, the onset of menopause brings down the levels of estrogen and progesterone. When the estrogen levels fall, it causes an inflammatory reaction in the body. To make things worse, the fall of progesterone does not allow the muscles in the body to relax making them stiff and inflexible.

This inflammation with tight muscles causes joint pain for women. At the office of Dickson Chiropractic we take a “bigger picture” look at these issues. It would not make sense to look at joint pain, nor treat joint pain as a single problem. It is important to review the entire health condition of the person concerned. This includes an examination of posture, nutritional deficiencies, old injury and stress levels of the person concerned. Joint pain is not just a problem there is a person behind that problem.

Back Pain and Aches | Chiropractic Treatment | Dickson Chiropractic

There are several chiropractic options for joint aches and pains dependent on the cause of the pain. However, if you ask Dr. Scott Jutte at Dickson Chiropractic, you will know that prevention is best. Avoid causing the joint pain in the first place.

Inactivity young in life will lead to pain older in life. Sitting behind a desk, watching television or driving long distance is a recipe for joint pain. If you don’t move it you lose it!!

Dickson Chiropractic recommends treating the rest of your body like your teeth. Have a simple stretching routine, no longer than 2-5 minutes twice a day. First thing in the morning and last thing of the day. For those who are already having problems with joint aches and pain, visit us at Dickson Chiropractic.


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