5 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Spine Healthy

healthy spineSpinal disorders happen due to many factors such as strain, genetic predisposition, trauma, smoking, and unhealthy diet. Early diagnosis and treatment are necessary to help you stay healthy. Here are 5 simple tricks to help you keep your spine healthy.

  1. Give Your Spine Enough Time to Rest: According to chiropractors for back pain in Dickson, TN, our spine gets the time to rest while we asleep. Therefore, choose your mattress and pillows wisely so your spine doesn’t bend improperly while resting. Proper alignment of the spinal muscles is essential for their rejuvenation and relaxation.


  1. Avoid Wearing High Heels: High heels change your spine’s alignment. As a result, you’re likely to suffer from back pain eventually. On the other hand, flat shoes keep your spine straight and distributes your body weight evenly throughout the foot, thus relaxing your calf muscles. Get a shoe that is not too tight and gives your feet a supportive base.


  1. Cut Down Your Total Sitting Time: Sitting for hours can greatly affect your spine’s health in a negative way. Pressure exerted on the disc of your lower spine is 3x more in sitting position as it is in a standing position. Take frequent breaks, go outside for a walk for 30 minutes or around your office building before sitting back down again. Movement enables healthy nutrients in your body to reach your spine, keeping it and you healthy.


  1. Exercise Regularly: Regular workouts play an essential role in strengthening your core muscles like the abdominal muscles and your lower back. Practice core body strength exercises for 30 minutes daily to relieve your lower back from excess pressure.


  1. Get Some Massage Therapy: Massage therapy from a trusted, experienced expert boosts the level of endorphins in your bloodstream. These endorphins naturally reduce pain or discomfort and stop your need to take over-the-counter medicines which can be bad for you. Massage therapy also enhances your circulatory system providing overall wellness.

If you are suffering from any spine related issues, you should try non-invasive chiropractic treatment for back pain in Dickson before anything else. Chiropractic adjustments can prevent disc degeneration, reduce back pain, and restore spinal functions all without drugs or surgery. Visit www.dickson-chiropractic.com to learn more or give us a call at 615-375-8423 to schedule your appointment.

Be healthy and stay healthy with Chiropractic care.

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