Chiropractic care

The Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

Although becoming more popular, chiropractic treatment is not well known. Many people think chiropractors are only needed for pain relief or pain management. Actually, regular visits help maintain your body’s health. Chiropractic Treatment for pain: Chiropractic has been proven effective in reducing pain among people with back pain and neck pain. Using careful spine-manipulation techniques, decompression…

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Temporomandibular Disorder

Treat Temporomandibular Joint Pain with Chiropractic Treatment

Most people know that chiropractic treatment is used for back pain, neck pain, and headache. Actually chiropractic treatment is used for other ailments as well. Many other ailments can be reduced with the help of this treatment. For instance, Chiropractic treatment has the solution to treat Temporomandibular Joint Pain as well. What Is Temporomandibular Joint Pain?…

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Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica Nerve Pain

What is Sciatica? Sciatica is the irritation of the sciatic nerve known as sciatic nerve pain. The sciatic nerve is the longest and largest nerve in human body starting in the lower back, through the buttock and down the legs into the foot. The sciatic nerve connects the spinal column to the leg and foot muscles….

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Super Bowl

Chiropractic Care in the Super Bowl

The Professional Football Chiropractic Society or the PFCS, state chiropractors who help football players/teams, perform about 50 treatments every week. This is just during the regular season and does not include playoffs or training sessions. It is no wonder chiropractors were on hand for the Super Bowl this year. Chiropractors were there ready to help players…

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The Top 5 things to know about chiropractic therapy at the chiropractic care clinic in Tennessee

Even in today’s information filled world there are still mysteries surrounding chiropractic treatments and its’ safety and effectiveness.  Dickson Chiropractic, your chiropractic care center in Tennessee, wants you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision. When Should You Visit a Chiropractor? If you have had an accident (car, work injury) even…

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Inflammation effect

How Inflammation Changes Our Health

Approximately 90% of our problems come from our gut.  Most problems we encounter are inflammation related and start with an autoimmune reaction which then starts the inflammation process in order to protect the body from whatever the body thinks is attacking it. Let’s take a look at this process. Inflammation – how does it start? Think…

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Chiropractic care | whiplash | chiropractors in Dickson | alternative pain relief

My accident was a few years ago….can that be the cause of my pain today?

Yes, it could. Let’s take a brief look at how your neck could be injured in a whiplash situation, how to obtain whiplash pain relief in Dickson and why a trauma from years earlier can produce symptoms today. Even in motor vehicle collisions with substantial car damage, symptoms rarely come on the day of the injury….

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Disc herniations | Chiropractic care for disk pain | chiropractors in Dickson for pain relief

What to choose for Disc Herniations – Drugs or Chiropractic Treatment?

Disc herniations (also known as disc extrusions, slipped discs, disc bulges) unfortunately are a common problem and can lead to debilitating pain like back pain, neck pain etc. Pain in the extremities is called radicular pain and can be caused by a disc herniation that is affecting a nerve root. Radicular pain can also result in…

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Chiropractic care | pain relief | chiropractors in Dickson

Chiropractor Excellence for Children

Pediatric care definitely requires a slightly different approach with chiropractic and medical care. Children are smaller and more reactive to medications. Due to their growing bodies and underdeveloped internal systems, caution must be used with drugs prescribed to children. Drug free care is a much safer and conservative route for children. Chiropractors in Dickson give you…

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Posture Tips | Chiropractors | Chiropractic care in Dickson | Chiropractic care center

How Chiropractors Help Your Posture?

We had written about the importance of posture previously. Keeping correct posture can save you from a number of spinal problems and injuries; while improper posture, like sitting hunched at a desk, can seriously damage the nerves and discs in your spine. Improper posture leads to other complications because the nervous system is what connects all…

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