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Whiplash is a non-medical term describing a range of injuries to the neck and spine. It occurs while the head and neck is thrown on one side very abruptly and quickly, then is thrust into the opposite side. Both nerves and muscles may be affected for this injury along with ligaments and discs.

Chiropractic care for whiplash

What Causes Whiplash?

Whiplash happens when your head and neck are quickly thrust forward (or to the side) and then back again like in a car accidents. However; you can also suffer the effects of whiplash with other activities like contact sports and amusement park rides. Sometimes vertebral subluxations, osteoporosis, and arthritis can also affect the neck with results similar to whiplash.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash can be difficult to diagnose and may not show immediately, as in a car accident. Symptoms usually present within 24 hours. Some whiplash symptoms can be:

Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

Chiropractic treatment helps bring the body back into alignment so it can heal itself. In a car accident, for example, the violent force on your body can push the spine out of alignment with the rest of the body and the quick back and forth motion of your head while your body is held in place (usually from a seatbelt) will strain the various ligaments in your neck. Dickson Chiropractic offers:

If you are involved in an automobile accident contact Dickson Chiropractic today. Whiplash can have a long lasting negative effect on you, your neck and your body if not properly adjusted. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Scott Jutte has the knowledge, experience and expertise to help your body back into alignment and to allow it to heal itself.

Call (615) 375-8423 now to get back your health safely and quickly without drugs and without side-effects.

In today’s speedy world, digestive issues (gastrointestinal tract / GI tract) like gas and heartburn have become a common problem for a lot of people.  In addition, nearly 70 million people suffer from diabetic problems – more than half of people are so serious that they need regular treatment care.

Digestive problems

Who suffers from these illnesses?

Normally as you age your body starts to breakdown and digestive problems can occur.  Currently it seems most people over 50 are suffering from it but it can happen to anyone of any gender, race or age.

Some Symptoms of Digestive Problems

Reasons for Digestive Problem

Many different issues can cause digestive diseases. Some common causes are: bacterial infection, viral infection, inflammation, lactase deficiency.  There can also be environmental reasons for your digestive problem, such as:

How does Chiropractic Treatment Help for Digestive Issues?

Chiropractic treatment for digestive problems is really very helpful. Just like to talking with another person, your brain and body must have proper and constant communication, without it problems start to happen, including digestive problems.  When your spine is out of alignment, communication signals cannot properly reach the rest of your body and problems such as heartburn, bloating and excess gas can occur.  Dr. Scott Jutte, a great chiropractor at Dickson Chiropractic in Dickson, TN has been helping people like you for over 25 years.  Chiropractic adjustments corrects the communication problem by properly aligning the spine and allowing your body to function normally.

Where can you get chiropractic help?

At Dickson Chiropractic clinic, chiropractors can perform a chiropractic adjustment to get your spine in proper alignment. Chiropractors are dedicated to improving a patients’ health and body and keeping you in optimum health. Try a chiropractic adjustment today by calling 615-375-8423, you will be glad you did.

Normally a headache means pain symptoms in the head or face; however, sometimes it can be referred neck pain. A lot of people suffer neck and back pain in today’s world. Office workers who work long hours in front of a computer and those who stare down at a smartphone all the time, which is about 80% of the population.



Headaches are mainly due to:

Some more serious reasons for a headache can be:

Types of headaches

Headaches are generally classified into two types:

  1. Primary Headache: Primary headaches are a type of headache that is not because of another medical condition. Primary headaches usually occur from an activity or due to more than usual pain-sensitivity. The most common primary headaches are
  1. Secondary Headache: Secondary headaches usually happen due to:

Types of Secondary Headache

Treatment Procedures

Treatments to remedy a headache depend on the type of headache. People have used: Acupuncture, Transcranial magnetic stimulation, Implanted supraorbital and occipital nerve stimulation, Botulinum toxin injections, Heat therapy, Cold Therapy, Massage and gentle neck stretches, Meditation, Chiropractic Therapy, etc.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic therapy does not use drugs or surgery (which can often be harmful to your health). Instead chiropractic care examines you through evaluations, X-rays and other exams to find the root cause of the problem which could even be a spinal misalignment issue.

Get more information and/or chiropractic treatment today by contacting Dickson Chiropractic Clinic in Tennessee. Chiropractors in Dickson, Tennessee can offer great tips on how exercise, nutrition and managing stress can help keep you from having headaches.

Chiropractic treatment is a science of natural body manipulation. Chiropractic wellness is achieved through different types of treatment that is gentle, precise and has an immediate effect. Chiropractic treatment, such as spinal manipulation, will help keep your spine and nerves functioning in harmony. Here are some Chiropractic Wellness Tips from Dickson chiropractic clinic to help you lead a healthier and pain free life.

chiropractic wellness tips

Chiropractic Wellness Tips

Living a healthier lifestyle starts with small changes to your normal routine. Over time these small changes add up to massive results. If you follow the tips given below starting today, you will become a much healthier person tomorrow.



Working at a Desk


Physical Activities / Household Tasks

Talking Over the Telephone



Chiropractors in Dickson, TN can help you with more great Chiropractic health tips.  Call Dr. Scott Jutte at Dickson Chiropractic today: (615) 375-8423.

Bone Spurs (Osteophytes) are extra bone growths usually along the edge of the bone and often where two bones meet such as in the joint area which can be very painful. Bone Spurs are usually the result of joint damage associated with osteoarthritis.

Bone spurs symptoms

Bone Spurs Causes

Some problems that can cause bone spurs are:


Bone Spur Symptoms

Back or neck pain is the most common symptom of bone spurs. For this the joint becomes inflamed and the back muscles become tender. Some symptoms are:


Risk Factors

The most common risk factors for bone spurs are conditions that damage your skeleton. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common factors. The wear and tear on your joints can cause growths on the edges of your bones which sometimes interrupts normal bone movement. Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis are other factors that can also enhance your risk.

Treatment Procedure

Several medical procedures can be used to treat Bone Spurs depending on the intensity of the symptoms. Medication, Physical Therapy, Exercise, Ultrasound therapy, Steroid injection, Chiropractic Care, Cryotherapy and Surgery to name a few.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care

When bone spurs occur, chiropractic care can help repair the problem and improve your flexibility. By repairing the original reason for the spur, the body can then start to re-absorb the bone spur which will help relieve the discomfort and associated symptoms. Chiropractic adjustments can greatly increase your mobility and allows the body to heal itself naturally.

If you are in Dickson, TN and are suffering from bone spur or any other pain contact Scott Jutte, a Chiropractic doctor in Dickson, TN at Dickson Chiropractic. He has been helping solve problems like yours for over 25 years through proper, safe, painless chiropractic treatments. Give Dr. Jutte a call at 615-375-8423 or drop by the office.

Most people think chiropractic care only works only for seniors or those who suffer from chronic pain.  But actually chiropractic care has a lot of benefits for an athlete. Here are some athletic advantages.

Increase Range of Motion

The misalignment of your spine is one of the main problems that can cause a limited range of motion. An athlete often gets injured during his/her performance due to over extending or forcing their body to do something it is not ready to do. Proper warm-up techniques and proper chiropractic adjustment of your body helps ensure your spine is in the proper alignment and you have full range of motion.


Improve Balance

Balance, of course, is very important for all forms of sports. Regular chiropractic adjustments keep your neck and spine in the proper alignment to allow an athlete to achieve the optimal balance and coordination of their body.

Reduce Pain

A chiropractor offers many various chiropractic techniques like manipulative therapies, laser therapies. postural and exercise education, and ergonomic training (how to walk, sit, and stand to limit back strain). All of this information can help an athlete increase their body awareness and reduce pain. Dickson Chiropractic applies new chiropractic techniques that are really helpful for all people not just athletes.

Improve Nerve Communication

When your spine and body are not in proper alignment, your brain is unable to properly communicate with the rest of your body.  When this happens, you may feel numbness, weakness or tingling in certain areas of your body, your health may suffer and you may have pain or cause an injury. But with proper chiropractic adjustment, everything is put back in order, nerves can talk to the brain again and you start to feel better almost instantly.

Promote Faster Healing After Injury

Through chiropractic adjustments you can keep your body in its natural alignment which in turn will decrease the strain and pressure on any injured joints (and non-injured joints). In many cases athletes who had regular chiropractic treatments have found their body is able to repair itself much faster and with less pain after a serious illness or injury.

Headache Relief

Studies have shown that 60 to 90 percent of all headaches are the result of the neck pain. In most of these cases, pain can be instantly alleviated through chiropractic adjustment.

Are you an athlete trying to maintain peak performance and get an edge over your competition? Need to recover from a sports injury quickly? Let Dr. Scott Jutte, a Chiropractor in Dickson, Tennessee assist you in keeping your body in the proper alignment and best health. Want to know more about chiropractic adjustment benefits, give Dickson Chiropractic a call at 615-375-8423.

Chiropractic treatment is a natural & drug-free healing method used to manipulate the musculoskeletal system and spinal cord. By doing this, your body is able to heal itself.

Advantages of Chiropractic Care

chiropractic teatments

Chiropractic is non-invasive – meaning no cutting.  If there is no cutting then there is no pain and no need for stitching or anesthetics. Chiropractic is a drug free treatment process of manipulating your spine and joints.

If the spinal cord is misaligned it can cause muscle stiffness or pain, pinched nerves, or other issues. Through the use of chiropractic adjustments your body is able to maintain a healthy immune system.

Surgery and drugs can make your treatment more complicated and there is a real possibility of getting addicted to your pain medication.. Chiropractic care does not use or need drugs; instead Chiropractic professionals, like Scott Jutte, provide care using all natural and drug-free methods that are simple, effective and safe.

Dickson Chiropractic in Dickson, TN is here for you.  Our Chiropractic care center in Tennessee, operated by Dr. Scott Jutte and his experienced team can help reduce your pain in a safe and natural way.

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a disorder that causes muscle/joint pain and fatigue. It is a very common musculoskeletal condition like osteoarthritis. Research has revealed that women are 10 times more likely to get this disease than men and middle-aged women (25 – 60) appear to suffer the most.

Fibromyalgia symptoms

The symptoms of Fibromyalgia can differ widely. Some people feel pain and achiness around the joints in the neck, shoulder and back, sometimes muscles twitch or burn. People may also have other symptoms, such as:

Causes of Fibromyalgia disease

As of right now we are not certain of the exact cause; however, a number of theories include:

Fibromyalgia chiropractic treatment

Treatments for Fibromyalgia

Since Fibromyalgia is a very varied problem with multiple symptoms and possible causes, the treatment must be considered on a case by case basis. For best results, you should consult your general physician as well as talking with a physical therapist and exploring alternative options such as chiropractic adjustments.

How Chiropractic Treatment Works With Fibromyalgia

Chiropractic care uses the body to help itself. Dickson Chiropractic provides Trigger Point Therapy, Laser Therapy, Proper Diet supplements and other Fibromyalgia alternative therapies that can reduce the pain.

Dickson Chiropractic Clinic for Fibromyalgia Disorder

Dickson Chiropractic clinic’s experienced chiropractor, Scott Jutte, understands the unique symptoms of FM. While there is no current cure, Chiropractors in Dickson, TN can help provide a Fibromyalgia natural treatment that can make your life more manageable.

When looking for Chiropractors in Dickson, Let Dickson Chiropractic Center help reduce this problem through natural treatment therapy.

Although becoming more popular, chiropractic treatment is not well known. Many people think chiropractors are only needed for pain relief or pain management. Actually, regular visits help maintain your body’s health.

Chiropractic Treatment for pain:

Chiropractic has been proven effective in reducing pain among people with back pain and neck pain. Using careful spine-manipulation techniques, decompression options and laser therapy, your chiropractor can help to reduce and/or remove your pain. Dickson chiropractic clinic offers decades of experience in providing help to people just like you.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment for Work injury:

Chiropractors are also experts in diagnosing musculoskeletal disorders. Car accidents or a work injury is something Dr. Scott Jutte can assess and help you to relieve your suffering. If you had a work accident or are experiencing pain from an auto accident, like neck pain from whiplash, you owe it to yourself to visit with Dr. Scott Jutte of Dickson Chiropractic in Dickson, TN today.

Chiropractic Treatment for Pregnant Women:

Chiropractic care for those that are pregnant has many benefits for both the mother to be and the child. Back pain is common during pregnancy due to the extra weight of their unborn child which puts stress on the body. Dickson Chiropractic can provide tips on improving your posture and light exercise that is really helpful in removing pain and discomfort. A chiropractor can also help ensure your pelvis is not misaligned which can lead to problems with giving birth. Chiropractic care is also better for both the mother and child since it does not require any drugs and therefore no risk of side-effects or health problems.

Chiropractic Treatment for Children:

A child’s immunity strength is lower than adults since they are still growing and can easily be affected by various diseases. In addition, many children suffer back pain due to their heavy schoolbags/backpacks. Dickson chiropractors offer safe, effective spinal treatment that carefully manipulates the child’s spine into the proper position which allows the body to maintain proper health and communication. This increases the immune system and reduces your child’s vulnerability to disease. By visiting your Dickson, TN chiropractor you can also help reduce your child’s “growing pains.”

Chiropractic Treatment for Mental Health:

A study of 2,818 patients in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research showed a 76% improvement in patient’s mental/emotional health. These people also reported positive changes in their stress levels and an increased enjoyment of life.

The Journal of Human Hypertension also showed a significant decrease in blood pressure following chiropractic adjustments.

Decreasing the mind-numbing pain connected with back pain, neck pain or other problems, through proper, safe spinal manipulation has considerably helped with mood and has actually reduced depression symptoms. When you are in constant pain it is very difficult to be cheerful.

When looking for Chiropractors in Dickson, let Dr. Scott Jutte of Dickson Chiropractic Center help reduce or remove your pain/discomfort.

Most people know that chiropractic treatment is used for back pain, neck pain, and headache. Actually chiropractic treatment is used for other ailments as well. Many other ailments can be reduced with the help of this treatment. For instance, Chiropractic treatment has the solution to treat Temporomandibular Joint Pain as well.

What Is Temporomandibular Joint Pain?

Temporomandibular Joint Pain is also known as TMJ disorder. The Temporomandibular Joint is the joint between the articulation of the mandible (lower jaw) and the temporal bone of the cranium (skull). It is located just in front of the ear. When this joint is affected or damaged, then we feel a pain in the jaw area, which is called Temporomandibular Joint Pain.

Temporomandibular Joint Pain

Causes of Temporomandibular Joint Pain:

There are several causes that can occur. Temporomandibular Joint Pain is injury to the teeth or jaw, teeth shivering, poor posture, misalignment of the jaw or teeth, gum chewing, and arthritis. If you open your mouth too wide to bite a sandwich for instance, this will create pressure on the jaw, which can cause this disorder. Another cause of TMJ is if someone frequently takes drugs like cocaine, then he may suffer TMJ distress, as it increases activity like teeth clenching and grinding.

Symptoms of TMJ Pain:

The symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint distress can differ widely. But some symptoms are common among TMJ sufferers. These symptoms are pain in the jaw, headaches, neck distress and trouble chewing or talking. Sometimes dizziness also may be a symptom of TMJ distress. Since other ailments may cause similar problems, you should consult your doctor to make sure that you have TMJ. Chiropractic treatment can greatly help TMJ disorders.

Chiropractic Treatment for Temporomandubular Pain:

If visit a chiropractor with concerns about TMJ, then he/she will evaluate the biomechanics of mouth opening and closing in addition to observing the Temporomandibular Joint and surrounding muscles. Your upper neck will also be evaluated as studies have shown that TMJ and upper neck problems are very common symptoms of Temporomandubular pain. A chiropractor uses muscle stretching to relax your muscles. Gentle massage therapy can restore the Temporomandubular Joint.

How Dickson Chiropractic Clinic Can Help With TMJ Pain:

Dickson Chiropractors can manage to prevent TMJ pain by using spinal manipulation, massage, and hot and cold compresses. Dickson Chiropractic Center offers posture treatment and some exercises that are really helpful to prevent your Temporomandibular Joint Pain, as sometimes poor posture can be a reason for this problem. In some cases medication is found to work for this ailment and may help to prevent future TMJ recurrences. Please contact your Chiropractic care clinic in Dickson to treat your Temporomandibular Joint Pain or for more information about other pain related treatments.

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