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Who is Dickson Chiropractic?

Dickson Chiropractic offers you years of experience in delivering chiropractic care.

Dr. Scott has 25 years of experience in treating back pain, headaches, herniated disc injuries, migraines, neck pain, sciatica, pregnancy pain and whiplash injuries, just to name a few.

There is no age limit on who can benefit from chiropractic care. Dr. Scott has cared for infants, only days old, to patients in their nineties.

With the fast paced lifestyles of today and the poor posture created by new technology, many health issues can be attributed to poor posture. Have you ever seen someone in a nursing home with GOOD posture? NO.

Get in touch with our office for your complete health and wellness.

If you are suffering from pain or you simply want to be healthier, come in today so we can help you get healthier and teach you how to stay healthier so you can have your best life possible.

Make Dickson Chiropractic your place for chiropractic services.

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Client Speak

  • Very awesome an super nice people, great at what they do an go the extra mile to help someone in need out. They have helped to keep up with my teenage son in playing sports, an surviving my long work days.

    Joseph Matlock
  • I was referred to Dr. Scott Jutte by my dentist for severe tmj. I didn’t know a chiropractor handled these type of cases, but I stuck to his plan and we had my jaw pain free within weeks.

    rich truitt
  • I was referred to Dr. Scott Jutte by my dentist. I have been suffering with TMJ pain for over a year now. Dr. Jutte, took x-rays, measurements of my spine and explained everything to me. I then decided that I was willing to try anything to get some relief. After my VERY first adjustment with him I was 100% pain-free. He had also commented on headaches. I have had headaches my entire life and had just learned to kinda deal with them. NO headaches for 2 weeks now. His entire office staff is compassionate and helpful. I am forever grateful for their knowledge and kindness. I will encourage anyone who is having pain to make an appointment. It has been a life-saver for me.

    Nichole Choate
  • Dr. Scott is awesome! I began his care after back surgery. I wasn’t sure if chiropractic would work for me… Best thing I’ve ever done! His treatment doesn’t just treat the pain. I just feel good physically and mentally! His staff is just as awesome!

    Charles Luellen
  • When I first started coming to Dr Scott I had constant pain on my right side of my neck down through my shoulder blade along with have headaches daily. I was taking Tylenol and ibuprofen everyday and I just didn’t feel good. Since I have been coming my headaches have stopped and I no longer have the constant pain. I am so thankful for Dr Scott and his amazing staff for giving me back a way of like that doesn’t have pain in it. They are AWESOME!!!

    Lori Fisher
  • Thirty six years ago I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. I crushed three vertebrae and broke my sternum. I reinjured my back Christmas Day, 2015, and subsequently my physician prescribed sterioids; however, the relief was only temporary. I then went to physical therapy but reached a plateau. The orthopedic physician, who did the nerve block, stated that the only option I had was removing 2 vertebrae and fusing vertebrae with rods and screws, a procedure that he did not recommend due to my age. I did not want to go to a chiropractor because I feared reinjuring my back. My wife and cousin persuaded me to try Dr. Scott Jutte as he had been very successful with my cousin’s issues. This turned out to be the best decision. Decompression and adjustments have gotten rid of my back pain. I can now walk upright with no cane. I can also ride my bicycle and do light exercise. I would recomend anyone with back issues to visit Scott. His staff and he conduct themselves in a professional manner, and I have found them to be politie and efficient in dealing with me and other patients.

    Ronnie Smothers
  • Dr. Scott and his staff are awesome! I’m a patient for life! I’ve been going to Dickson Chiropractic every week since I found out I am pregnant. I believe my weekly adjustments help with my overall circulation and comfort. Thank you, Dr. Scott, for being such a caring doctor! I can hardly wait for you all to meet my healthy baby girl!

    Lisa Baker

    Jean Stinson
  • I have been going for prenatal visits to get my body ready for labor and couldn’t feel better! Also.. Have NOT had one headache since I was adjusted! Thank you!!

    Ashton Barnes
  • Professional, courteous, and always willing to go that extra mile to get you back to better health. A+!

    April N Chris Carroll
  • I recently experienced my first ever “excruciating” back pain which resulted in an ER trip and being prescribed steroids and pain pills for a sciatica diagnosis. A friend suggested I see Dr. Scott Jutte at Dickson Chiropractor. Dr. “Scott” put me on a plan of regular visits that included adjustments, massage therapy, and simple home exercises/stretches. It has been six weeks since my initial consultation, and I have improved greatly! No more pain pills or steroids, and I have noticed significant improvement in my back! Now that the pain has subsided, Dr. “Scott” is working with me on strengthening exercises for my back. His staff: Stacy, Shea, and Tiffany are awesome, and they make you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend Dickson Chiropractor! Oh, and be prepared to buy a tennis ball. Once you become his patient, you will understand. Best thing EVER!

    RaAnn Smith Hillis
  • Sr. Scott has been our chiropractor for several years. Your health and well-being is his primary concern. When our daughter was 3, she was on 2 asthma meds in a nebulizer 3 times a day. In just a few months of adjustments she was no longer on any meds. He has helped me and my husband tremendously with back troubles. You won’t regret seeing him!

    Teresa McDonald Luellen
  • I’m 78 years old and was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and degenerative scoliosis. After 2 back injections the pain and difficulty in standing, walking or daily activity increased.

    The orthopedic surgeon told me surgery was the only alternative other than continued pain medications. These were not options for me.

    In less than 4 months of care I am standing, walking and doing my daily activities almost pain free and with no medication.

    Thank you and your staff for expert and excellent care. Now surgery is not an option.


  • Just want to say how much Dr. Scott Jutte has helped my husband. My husband was in tremendous pain from a herniated disc in his neck, he could not find relief

    Pam Jungers
  • What a great experience this has been. I was a little nervous to go to a chiropractor. I have chronic headaches and sought this out as an alternative to medications. Everyone is so friendly in the office. Dr. Scott Jutte was very honest and upfront.